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Terms And Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions to follow them religiously. In case of violation of these terms and conditions, administration of Magic Water has the right to block your account until ascertain the circumstances.

To purchase product with Magic Water and get regular Bonus each Customer is obliged to register and use personal account. This account is used to make and control deposits, payments and as a tool to attract referrals.

Every client of Magic Water has the right to obtain and only use one personal account.

Registration on the website is accessible to anyone who wants, regardless of his age, country of residence, social status or religious bias.

Magic Water does not require you to verify your identity; we will never ask you to send ID or any other documents that identify you.

Magic Water accepts deposits and pay Bonus only through electronic payment systems.

The Bonus is accrued within 7 calendar days a week, Monday through Sunday.

We never have any transaction fees, not declared and not hidden. We will add as deposit the same amount that you have sent.

All payments from the company are instant. In exceptional cases, payment may be delayed due to the peculiarities of the payment system.

The withdrawal of Bonus is only available using the same e-currency that was P.

Accrual of affiliate commission is automatic and instant.

Magic Water allows any method of attracting royalty programs, except automatic mass mailing (spam is not allowed). In case of violation of this rule, account may be suspended.

This website is the only reliable source of information and news about Magic Water. You can also receive and use the information from the official accounts of social networks that are available in the Social section.

Magic Water reserves the right to change these rules. It is strongly recommended to read this section from time to time.