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About Us

Welcome to Magic Water

Magic Water is India’s best water purification system which is truly portable and comes with a comfortable storage capacity. It is totally eco-friendly with no power consumption and all these features make it economically viable. "Magic Water is mobile and serves the best need of drinking water anytime, anywhere, efficiently to the human-kind in true sense"

Integrating a Point of Entry (POE) water purification system for treatment of water is an efficient solution, as it essentially avoids the need for water purifiers at each faucet, is more economical and reduces wastage. Such smart water solutions provide the user unfettered control and access to the system at one place, and are ideal for the Smart Family of the future.

Why Choose Us

You'll love switching with our products & Services.

Our Vision

To become the leading provider of Packaged Water Treatment products in India, and offer superior technological expertise, reach and service capabilities with our range of reliable and smart RO water purifiers.

Our Mission

To be partners in the improvement of health and hygiene in society, and the success and growth of water-dependent industries

Our Values

We ate here to provide smart water solutions to transform the way we look at and use the invaluable water resource.
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