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Magic Water is India’s best water purification system which is truly portable and comes with a comfortable storage capacity. It is totally eco-friendly with no power consumption and all these features make it economically viable. "Magic Water is mobile and serves the best need of drinking water anytime, anywhere, efficiently to the human-kind in true sense"

Integrating a Point of Entry (POE) water purification system for treatment of water is an efficient solution, as it essentially avoids the need for water purifiers at each faucet, is more economical and reduces wastage. Such smart water solutions provide the user unfettered control and access to the system at one place, and are ideal for the Smart Family of the future.

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To become the leading provider of Packaged Water Treatment products in India, and offer superior technological expertise, reach and service capabilities with our range of reliable and smart RO water purifiers.

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To be partners in the improvement of health and hygiene in society, and the success and growth of water-dependent industries

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We ate here to provide smart water solutions to transform the way we look at and use the invaluable water resource.
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There are two forms of impurities found in drinking water, suspended and dissolved:

  1. a) Suspended impurities such as mud, dust, sand, bacteria, viruses etc
    b) Dissolved impurities that are soluble in water such as; pesticides, arsenic & fluoride and heavy metals salts like mercury, lead, copper, cadmium.
  • The process or method by which water if freed from any kind of impurity is referred to as water purification. These impurities range from physio-chemical contaminants to microorganisms.
  • Water purification process contains many steps, depending on the nature of the impurities. These steps can differ for different types of water.
The reverse osmosis process of purification is mainly meant to reduce the ‘salt content’ from the water.
That is a general misconception! Aqua guard does not reduce any essential minerals in your drinking water. There is a mineral modulator, specially designed to produce electromagnetic vibrations in the water. This helps prevent the mineral scale formation inside the UV chamber and helps in retaining the essential minerals in water.

Water treatment is like any other treatment process. The key is to figure out the problem with the water, in order to treat it. Depending on the water input TDS one has to select the right technology to purify the water.

There are two major or vast differences between purified and bottled water; cost and purification to the point of use.

An efficient, water purifier provides you with water that is physically, chemically and microbiologically pure. More importantly, it ensures that the water is 100 percent pure at the time of use with no scope for recontamination.

Bottled water is not purified at point of use. Thus, it has a chance of recontamination if stringent quality control measures are not followed.

Bottled mineral water also proves to be expensive when consumed on a regular basis.

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